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A wedding brings family, friends, colleagues and people from all aspects of our lives together. It is a joyful celebration and a deeply emotional event that makes a strong statement about a couple's personal style. Marriage is one of the most significant and memorable events we share with family, relatives and friends, so attention to each and every detail is critical. THE SOCIAL CONNECTION can help make your experience from engagement to honeymoon pleasant, organized, and worry-free.

As wedding planners and coordinators, we can handle as little or as much of your wedding as you choose. We will suggest individual referrals or completely orchestrate your wedding day. Our fees are based on the specific services you choose, the location, the number of guests and the length of time required performing them. Whichever service options you choose, we are committed to providing you with the guidance and assistance you need so we can create the wedding you have been dreaming of, worthy to be cherished forever...


Depending on the stage that you're in with your wedding planning, we provide a full range of services including:
« Wedding Site Selection
« Budget Establishment and Planning
« Supplier/Vendor Selection
« Design and selection of Invitations and Save-the-Date Cards
« Wedding Ceremony (Missalette) and Reception Programs
« Reviewing/Negotiating Contracts
« Wedding Rehearsal
« Coordination and Supervision on Wedding Day

We can refer you to all types of Suppliers/Vendors such as the following:
« Ceremony and Reception Venues
« Cakes
« Caterers
« Officiating Priests, Ministers/Pastors, Judge
« Invitations Printer and Calligrapher
« Flowers
« Musicians/Entertainers
« Photographers/Videographers
« Sounds and Lighting System
« Emcees/Hosts
« Choreographer

We can start with the "pamanhikan" or from the time you've just gotten engaged. Or if you are done with that and aren't sure what to do next, the initial consultation is helpful to prioritize tasks. If you aren't sure what style of wedding you want, we can help you visualize it. We will pool together your ideas to create the wedding of your dreams. If you already have a complete vision of your wedding, you can rely on us to implement your wishes in every detail.

Once you've selected your site, both for the ceremony and the reception, choosing suppliers is often your next step. During this meeting we explore your vision of the day and help you determine which suppliers might be best for your budget and style. For instance, after you've met with caterers, you may need assistance going over the proposals or negotiating contracts.

Finally, once the day approaches, you may need someone to facilitate your rehearsal and be there on the wedding day coordinating and overseeing suppliers and making sure everything is exactly as you've envisioned it. Regardless of when you hire us, we can make the FIRST road to matrimony a little less rocky.


Selecting a site for the ceremony and the reception, especially for church weddings, and "jibing" their time of availability, are the most important and also the most difficult task in all of your wedding planning. Unfortunately, it's one of the first so it's a bit overwhelming. Most couples don't want to spend every weekend after their engagement visiting wedding sites!.

We schedule a time for consultation in a place or where it is convenient for us to meet, and gather information about your budget, your vision and the specifics. In most cases, just this process rules out the sites that wouldn't be worth your time to visit. Because choosing a site is such a visual process, it's helpful to rule out the ones that just would not work before wasting your precious time visiting them personally.

The kind of sites varies from hotel ballrooms, gardens, halls, and conference facilities to parks and museums. Fees also vary and are always changing. Contacting the site directly is the best way to receive a reliable quote for your event. THE SOCIAL CONNECTION can assist you by providing you with data and whatever you may need to make your decision.


The food is one of the most important and most expensive components to your celebration. If your reception site requires that you hire a caterer, searching for the ideal supplier is a big decision. They will handle the key details of your event, such as the equipment and its set-up-defining their responsibilities is critical to a successful event.

You might begin the process by visualizing your reception-the time of day, the theme, the setting. Will it be a buffet or sit-down? How about cocktails or passed hors d'oeuvres? How many food stations? What types of food and beverages will be served? Will there be an ethnic theme, something seasonal? Do you have a favorite food or drink, or is there something traditional in your family?

These are all things we'll discuss in order to determine what and who might work out best for you. Of course, we'll also help you go over the catering proposals for comparison and to make sure it's clear what you're getting and for what price. Once all the details are finalized and your wedding day finally comes, you want to trust the professionals that you've hired so you can remain worry-free to fully enjoy the day.


We shall refer you to some amazingly talented florists who can do just about anything you can dream up.

Years ago, white, cascading bouquets were the only wedding flowers brides carried. Today, tastes have changed considerably in both style and color. Hand-tied bouquets are more popular than the oasis-holder style of the past, and many brides choose to carry brilliant colors over traditional all-white

The varieties of flowers have changed as more unusual types of flowers are being imported to our country. The season doesn't influence floral selection nearly as much as it once did. Local flower growers have increased the varieties of flowers, and made available almost all year round.

Choosing your flowers is a matter of defining your style and in the beginning you may not know exactly what that style is or even the names of the different flowers that you like. Looking through magazines can help as well as browsing through floral designers portfolios. THE SOCIAL CONNECTION keeps in its office a wide selection of magazines, both local and imported.

Florists all have certain styles and you'd want to make sure that style is in line with your taste and budget. When you feel confident that the florist can deliver the look you desire, we can help you set up an appointment for a free estimate. THE SOCIAL CONNECTION can assist you by providing you with names of florists who can best achieve your desired style or theme.


Selecting a quartet, quintet or band is likely to be one of the most challenging tasks you encounter along the way. This is an area where everyone has an opinion. The most important thing to remember is that it's hard to please everyone.

The process of choosing your musicians can be quite time consuming. Seeing musicians live becomes quite a challenge, since most of them only play at private functions, not clubs. Using audio and video tapes has been successful for us. Our country is fortunate to have a wealth of talented musicians. Ceremony and reception musicians include harpists, string quartets, solo guitar, pianists and keyboardists, trumpet, bagpipes, mariachis and on and on. Bands range from acoustic, 3 piece jazz, swing bands, full orchestras, pop, reggae, steel drums and of course bands who do a little of each.


The EMCEE/HOST you choose will serve as the pivotal point of your event. He or she should be able to execute the program that you desire. Usually, the EMCEE/HOST would work directly with the coordinator in announcing the bridal party, facilitating the toast, coordinating the first dance, cake cutting and bouquet toss, as well as any other highlights of your celebration. You would certainly want to speak to whoever would emcee your day and make sure you like his/her personality and voice. These are all things that will need to be discussed with the Emcee/Host you choose. We have EMCEES/HOSTS who have the experience needed to assess the crowd quickly and keep the party rolling without any dead air.

In the Philippines, DJs who also do the emceeing/hosting are quite expensive. The usual standard here is there is an emcee who does the program and a DJ who spins the records/CDs. If you opt for a disc jockey (DJ) he should be able to play/mix with a modern sound equipment and an extensive variety of music in their collection - and they are willing to play your own CD's if they don't have one you particularly want in their collection.


Couturiers, photographers, videographers, printer for invitations and thank you cards, hair & make up, Principal Sponsors' gifts, Missalettes or Wedding Ceremony Programs, and so many other wedding details… The Social Connection Events Coordination Services technically gets married several times a month, and therefore offers the tools to help you create the wedding you have always wanted.

Sad to say, these things actually happen on big events...

  • The wedding entourage did not know where and when to line up.
  • Ring bearers lost the rings.
  • The corsage and boutonnieres were not pinned on the sponsors.
  • Programs and Missalettes were not given on time.
  • Cake was not delivered because there was a mistake in schedule.
  • Guests were not able to sign in the guest book.
  • Photographers forgot to take a specific picture requested by the couple.
  • Cake, food and gifts were left behind the reception venue after the wedding.
  • Souvenirs were not given to guests.

The couple and their families are sometimes just too excited that they get carried away and forget about these little details. Why risk it? THE SOCIAL CONNECTION can help oversee these minute details to assure you that the time and money you invested will not be put to waste.

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Wedding Planning & Coordination Service Packages

Package I - Full Planning & Coordination Services:

Assist in the planning and preparation of all wedding details from start to finish.


  1. Upon signing of the Agreement and receipt of first payment, a Wedding Planning Kit containing checklists, worksheets and other vital information are given to the Client.
  2. Unlimited meetings within Metro Manila.
  3. Refer, set up and accompany Client to meetings with various pre-screened professional Vendors: Wedding Gowns; Caterer; Printer; Florist; Cakes; Photographer; Videographers; Favors; Bridal Car; Sound system; and other bridal needs to the last detail.
  4. Assist in negotiations and reviewing contracts with Vendors
  5. Assist and advise in determining and planning the Budget, and help manage to stay within the budget
  6. Assist in finding the perfect location: Church or Ceremony venue and Reception venue and/or Caterer
  7. Assist in reviewing wordings, and addressing of invitations, and sourcing of calligrapher
  8. Assist in composing and selecting readings for the ceremony for Missalette or Wedding Ceremony Program
  9. Assist in dialoguing with venue manager and caterer for room layout plans, seating and place cards arrangements, floral arrangements, cake table set-up, gift tables, musicians, stage, microphone, Audio-visual set-up, dancefloor...
  10. Provide advice on etiquette, wedding trends and wedding customs/traditions
  11. Assist/advise in selection of music for the ceremony, reception and dinner
  12. Plan and coordinate Wedding Rehearsal or Despedida de Soltera for the Bride.
  13. Do RSVP services (by text messaging nationwide only, PLDT for Metro Manila only.)
  14. Meet and confirm with the CLIENT and all the Vendors on the details of the arrangement, schedule of the day, and reception program, and polish details.
  15. Provide client with the duties of the Entourage during the ceremony and reception
  16. Assist in conceptualizing Wedding Reception Program, and meet with Emcee for finalization.
  17. Check the final copy of the various Programs as agreed upon.
  18. Go over the various checklists and requirements to ensure that these are all on hand and ready for the wedding day.
  19. Request for the final list of the Guest List to ensure that it is in proper format for the convenience of guests.
  20. Prepare the Wedding Day Schedule



  1. Check on the Bride 5 hours before the time of ceremony, and coordinate on last minute details. A staff is assigned to assist the bride: preparation, bridal car assistance, bridal entrance, pictorial, and reception needs.
  2. Assist in laying out of wedding gown, and all bridal items and accessories for pictorials.
  3. Check the number of flowers delivered for the principal sponsors and entourage.
  4. Assist in dressing up the Bride with her Bridal Gown.
  5. Check on Vendors: Hair and Make-up Stylist; Photographers; Videographers; Florist; Bridal Car
  6. Gather everything needed for the Reception: Gifts and Favors; Wines; etc… and bring to the reception venue
  7. Collect the Missalettes/Programmes, veil, cord, matches, Unity Candle (if applicable), flowers, and all paraphernalia needed for the wedding ceremony and bring to church/ceremony venue.
  8. Assist Bride in handling other things, e.g., pay suppliers, order meals, etc. to relieve her of any stress or tension.


  1. Check Ceremony venue set-up:
    1. seating arrangements of entourage/sponsors/parents;
    2. bridal couple's pews and chairs
    3. seating arrangements of musician
    4. set-up of the two big candles and/or the Unity Candle Set
    5. carpet placement
  2. Coordinate with Church assistant-in-charge/Church Coordinators or ceremony venue manager
  3. Check the arrival of and coordinate with musicians and singer
  4. Check the delivery of flowers and the set up of the flower decoration
  5. Check the arrival of Officiating Minister
  6. Check the arrival of, and coordinate with, the Lector, Commentator and Readers (Catholic), or equivalent
  7. Assist in distributing corsages, bouquets and boutonnieres to the entourage
  8. Assist in distributing Missalettes or wedding programs
  9. Instruct Attendants on seating plan of Sponsors: Principal, Secondary, other Bridal Entourage
  10. Check veil, cord, matches, candles, offertory items, ring and arras pillows; and distribute them
  11. Assist Church/Ceremony Coordinator-in-charge in organizing Processional line-up
  12. Collect candles, veil, cord, arras and arras pillows and a copy of marriage license (if provided) after the ceremony
  13. Check on the venue for any item endorsed to the COORDINATOR or her staff that may be left behind


A. Before arrival of Bridal Party - 3 to 5 hours before the ceremony

  1. Check room set-up, positioning of tables, stage/dance floor layout, and general layout of area if per specification
  2. Set up registration table for guests to know their table assignments (if applicable)
  3. Set up gift table and reception table, and/or Guest Book Table
  4. Set-up Signature Frame and easel, and enlarged Floor Plan Layout and easel
  5. Check layout of special linens and chairs, and assist in their set-up
  6. Set-up seating and place cards, especially on the presidential table
  7. Check table numbers and chair counts per table
  8. Check delivery of cake and set-up of cake display
  9. Check delivery of flowers and decoration set-up
  10. Check delivery of souvenirs and give-aways
  11. Confer with Maitre'd or Captain Waiter and Banquet Sales representative (in-charge)
  12. Check arrival of the following, as applicable:
    1. Musicians
    2. Mobile and Sound systems
    3. Entertainers
    4. Host/Emcee
  13. Check AVP equipment, (if there will be audio-visual presentation)
  14. Confer with photographers and videographer
  15. Make sure that appointed persons to guard the gifts at the gift table are in their position

B. Upon Arrival of the Bridal Party

  1. Arrange the Reception Line of the Bridal Party
  2. Handle the registration/reception of guests: informing them of table/seating assignments
  3. Assist the assigned person responsible for the gifts in numbering and noting down each gift received
  4. Line up Bridal Party for the entrance and announcements (if specified in the program)
  5. Cue the Host in various parts of the Program.
  6. Assist the Emcee/Host in the following
    1. Cue Best Man, Fathers of the couple, etc. for the Toasting
    2. Cue Bride and Groom for cake cutting
    3. Cue Bride for bouquet throw
    4. Cue Bride and Groom for the garter throw
    5. Cue and assist Attendants for distribution of gifts to Sponsors and Entourage, souvenirs and give-aways
  7. Cue the various persons-in-charge on what to do during various parts of the program.
  8. Assist Attendants in obtaining guests' signatures in the Guest Book
  9. Maintain timing of each event for smooth flow of the program in coordination with emcee/host
  10. Assist in scheduling the meals of the different suppliers present at the reception.

C. End of Reception

  1. Turnover the couple's payments to the suppliers
  2. Assist in packing up of all gifts and personal items endorsed to the COORDINATOR which were used during the ceremony and reception, and endorsing them to the CLIENT or the authorized person with a "TURNOVER CHECKLIST"
  3. Handling of leftover food, distribution of Wedding Cake, and other items as requested by the Client.

Package II - Turnover Coordination Services

This service is done when the Bride and Groom have already signed contracts with the various suppliers, but desire to relieve themselves the hassle of coordinating with all the suppliers for the final details. After the Couple turns over all their preparation plans we polish all the details. We make sure that all preparations and plans will be implemented by handling the details of the affair on the day itself, thus freeing the Bride and Groom of stress on the special day of their lives.

  1. Upon signing of the Agreement, a Wedding Planning Kit containing checklists, worksheets and other vital information are given to the Client, to polish all details of your preparation.
  2. FREE Consultation from the signing of Contract of Agreement by email, text messages or phone calls.
  3. Provide advice to the CLIENT on wedding etiquette, customs/traditions, and latest wedding trends.
  4. Turnover services starts within six (6) weeks before the wedding date.
  5. Total of 5 meetings before the wedding day
  6. Refer vendors as requested by Client.
  7. Provide advice regarding the invitation wordings and Catholic Missalette readings, Christian Ceremony Program, or any other religious ceremonies.
  8. Require the CLIENT to turn over all Contracts signed by them to the COORDINATOR for review.
  9. Make ocular inspection of the ceremony and reception venues.
  10. Assist in conceptualizing the Reception Program, and meet with CLIENT and Emcee to finalize program
  11. Meet and confirm with the CLIENT and all the Vendors on the details of the arrangement: caterer, musicians, florists, etc…
  12. Provide client with the duties of the Entourage during the ceremony and reception.
  13. Check the final copy of the various Programs as agreed upon.
  14. Go over the various checklists and requirements to ensure that these are all on hand and ready for the wedding day.
  15. Request for the final list of the Guest List to ensure that it is in proper format for the convenience of guests.
  16. Provide the CLIENT with the Wedding Day Schedule.


We offer this service if the Bride and Groom want to do the whole preparation themselves, and will get relatives and friends to assist in doing the coordination on the day itself. We give checklists and worksheets, refer them to suppliers, answer questions, and provide advice on etiquette, protocol and latest wedding trends. This service can be availed of from the time we signed the Contract until the day before the affair. Maximum number of meetings: 5 meetings within Metro Manila. Additional fee is charged for out-of-town meeting.

  • The Social Connection handles only one (1) event a day, and does not accept any event the day before so that they can meticulously go over the details preparing for your special day.
  • The Social Connection works with a minimum of six (6) people to coordinate the whole event. We increase or decrease the number of staff depending on the number of guests, and the activity required of the program for the day.
  • Rates are assessed after discussing personally more details required by the clients. We need to know the location of the wedding venues, number of guests, time of wedding, etc…. Please set an appointment for a meeting, complimentary consultation and with no commitment of hiring us.
  • Very easy payment terms.

The Social Connection is known to be meticulous in coordinating details and to "go the extra miles" just to make sure that your special day shall be one memorable event worthy of reminiscing forever… We do things that otherwise would have ruined your day… e.g., contact the nearest florist when the flowers are not to your liking, or they're late, sew torn gown, bring a fainted bridesmaid to the hospital, etc…

Remember, we shall do whatever needs to be done on your wedding day, always with one objective in mind - that of making your special day the one you have always dreamt about, a day to remember…forever…

Relax… Enjoy your special day… Leave the worries to us…

We have also other services you may desire for additional fee, if they are not part of your package:

  1. Plan and coordinate marriage proposals
  2. Plan and coordinate pamanhikan, bridal shower, Despedida de Soltera, Wedding Rehearsal
  3. Assist with managing RSVPs
  4. Emcee/Host or wedding singer
  5. Gift wrapping of souvenirs/gifts
  6. Flower Arrangement or Venue Decorations
  7. Printing of Invitations/Missalettes/Thank You cards/Social cards
  8. Personalized Unity Candle set - with couple's picture and date & venue of wedding
  9. Handheld Confetti Canons
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